Migration from previous versions

We only highlight changes that are potentially breaking for the user.

Version 0.3.4

  • correct selection of default linear solver for MoorePenrose
  • pass iterator for plotting
  • update_section_every_step becomes a UInt
  • add fields in PeriodDoublingProblemMinimallyAugmented and NeimarkSackerProblemMinimallyAugmented for holding Resonance test values
  • add more abstract types <: AbstractWrapperPOProblem
  • introduce function get_lenses
  • introduce new struct FinalisePO to wrap finalizers for periodic orbits
  • AbstractProblemMinimallyAugmented becomes parametric
  • rewrite get_bif_point_codim2
  • add callback cbMaxNormAndΔp
  • FloquetWrapper becomes mutable

Version 0.3.3

Migration from v0.2.x to v0.3.x

A new version v0.3 has been tagged in which the function names, keyword arguments,... follow the Julia convention. There are a lot of breaking changes. For example, callbackN has been changed to callback_newton.

Migration from v0.1.x to v0.2.x

New version of the package with modified interface. You are now required to define a BifurcationProblem to perform continuation or bifurcation analysis. You also need to pass your plot/record functions.

The previous interface is available under the tag 0.1.12 which can be installed by doing

] add BifurcationKit@0.1.12

The new version provides many bugs fix though. (Please note that the docs are up to date).

Don't use AD yourself

There is nothing wrong with doing so but this is done in the constructor of BifurcationPoblem, so if myJacAD is the jacobian computed using ForwardDiff, the declaration

prob = BifurcationProblem(F, x, p, lens ; J = myJacAD) 

should be

prob = BifurcationProblem(F, x, p, lens) 

There is nothing wrong in passing your own jacobian though

Error: no method matching iterate(::BifurcationKit.ContResult

This is because you use the old syntax

br, = continuation(...)

instead of (no comma)

br = continuation(...)

Arguments to continuation

recordFromSolution and plotFromSolution should be passed to BifurcationProblem instead of continuation.